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    Hey everyone!

    There are a few reasons that I upgraded the system, mostly technical reasons.

    The reason why you didn't see any updates on Fairy Tail hentai DB is because there was something with the system and I was tired of keep typing to find solutions.
    I regret to announce that all of your favorites are deleted, together with the accounts.. But, if you have made an account on lolhentai.net then you may login here with these details, they should work perfectly.

    Now let's talk about the changes!
    To be honest the changes are so big that they are almost impossible to write down, But I'll write some of the main new features!
    - A New Design
    - 100% Mobile friendly (Hooray!)
    - Tagging System (With user tagging)
    - Custom public user created albums (Registered users only)
    - Better Support for Games and Videos (Yes, I've added videos again!) (Custom skins coming later)
    - User Uploads are now linked to the picture ("Added by: ..")
    - User Groups (This can be used for example users that don't need approving to upload pictures)
    - Better Synchronization with the forum (you can change password in the website and it will also be changed in the forum)
    - Comments on pictures
    - & 1000 more other things!



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